About tvm_address_of


When I look at Use Tensorize to Leverage Hardware doc, and print out s, the function tvm_address_of exists in the loop, as shown below

produce C {
for (i, 0, 1024) {
for (j.outer, 0, 32) {
gemv_update(tvm_address_of(C[(((i32) + j.outer)16)]), tvm_address_of(A[(i64)]), tvm_address_of(B[(j.outer1024)]), 16, 64, 64)

What does tvm_address_of do?


It takes the address of the corresponding element and pass it as an argument.


thank you for your help,Then,I have a question about use tensorize ,I want to use a special architectural language for tensorization, but I find that tensorize parameters can only be tensors, what should I do to achieve my goal


It would be great if you can create a separate thread with code examples to describe what you need. atm it is hard to tell what is your requirement