AttributeError: module 'nnvm.symbol' has no attribute 'MyGRU'

Hi I am actually trying to add a custom operator in TVM…I have registered it in in tvm/nnvm/python/nnvm/frontend/ and also in relay tvm/python/tvm/relay/frontend/…

I have registered its backend in TOPI… However after compilation and building , when I try to invoke via: I am getting the above message…

Can someone help me figure out whats missing…?!

import nnvm import tvm import onnx import numpy as np

onnx_graph = onnx.load(‘gru.onnx’) sym, params = nnvm.frontend.from_onnx(onnx_graph)

HI @tqchen, @srkreddy1238 – Can you please help me with the above question…? What might I have missed during registering the op…?

I have made the changes in the following files to register the op… I am invoking it via

sym, params = nnvm.frontend.from_onnx(onnx_graph)





rsync -c nn_patch.h $nnvm_dir/include/nnvm/top/nn.h

rsync -c $nnvm_dir/src/top/nn/

rsync -c $nnvm_pydir/frontend/

rsync -c $nnvm_pydir/top/

rsync -c $tvm_dir/topi/python/topi/nn/

rsync -c $tvm_pydir/relay/frontend/