Can use port 80?

Many companies restrict access to 8080 websites from corporate networks.
In order to open people need to switch to phone wifi, Guest wifi or use http proxy servers listening on port 80.

Can we make developers life easier by hosting on port 80?


I cannot access CI using our company’s wifi either

I can look into this and come back though might take a bit time to dig

@tqchen I’ve had a similar issue when I was setting up, where port 8080 was not reachable from the company network. The solution was reverse proxy, where the NGINX web server would route HTTPS (443) traffic to localhost:8080. Here is the tutorial I followed: Hope this helps.

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@tqchen Just want to remind about 8080 port issue. Can you have a look at it? Thank you.

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This does affect a lot of people daily. According to the answers on Stack Overflow below, this can be done by changing a single field in a Jenkins configuration file, different files depending on platform:

@broune It’s a bit more involved, since port 80 is a privileged port and Jenkins won’t have permission to access it. A better way is to set up reverse proxy, as in

Thanks for the pointers, atm the docs and ci shares the same machine. We will need to migrate the docs to a different machine before adding the proxy. I will look into the case by the TVM conf time frame

We just updated the ci to use, you can which should resolved the problem. Thanks @hcho3 for the useful pointers


I can confirm that this is working for me now. Thanks, much appreciated!