Cannot get remote devices from the tracker

I want to run example code from in the latest TVM 0.7 but get RuntimeError: Cannot get remote devices from the tracker. Please check the status of tracker by ‘python -m tvm.exec.query_rpc_tracker --port [THE PORT YOU USE]’ and make sure you have free devices on the queue status. But I actually get the right status of the remote device as Tracker address localhost:9190

Server List

server-address key server:rk3399

Queue Status

key total free pending

rk3399 1 1 0

How can I solve the problem?

What network is your rk3399 is connecting to? It’s possible that although the RPC server on rk3399 is able to connect to the tracker, but the data from the tracker cannot be delivered to the device if your rk3399 is in a different network and the router does not have port forwarding enabled.

You can first test if you can deploy a model to the device like this tutorial: