Check failed: ttype (lstm)


I’m trying to run the lstm test, but i’m getting an error when calling build in line 85

net , params = relay.testing.lstm.get_workload(
iterations = iter, num_hidden =hn)
target =

84 graph, lib, params =
85 net, target, params=params)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./”, line 85, in
net, target, params=params)
File “/afs/”, line 287, in build
graph_json, lowered_funcs, params = graph_gen.codegen(func)
File “/afs/”, line 419, in codegen
self.storage_device_map = _backend.GraphPlanMemory(func)
File “tvm/_ffi/_cython/./function.pxi”, line 286, in
File “tvm/_ffi/_cython/./function.pxi”, line 221, in core.FuncCall
File “tvm/_ffi/_cython/./function.pxi”, line 210, in core.FuncCall3
File “tvm/_ffi/_cython/./base.pxi”, line 151, in core.CALL
tvm._ffi.base.TVMError: [18:35:58] /afs/ Check failed: ttype

Do you have any idea from where it comes ?


I also met this problem. Could anyone give some advice?


Could you attach the Model to check here