Classify result is also incorrect on ZCU104

I tried VTA on ZCU104 board with pynq 2.4 image and built new bitstream. The result is right when running a vector addition in tutorial. But for resnet18_v1, the classify result is also incorrect. @thierry

Are you compiling from HLS or Chisel? The Pynq image for ZCU104 might not have proper coherence support as found on the Pynq-Z1 out of the box causing memory reads/writes to produce erroneous results between layers.

I’ve messaged the Pynq team at Xilinx about it multiple times to fix the image, but they have been unresponsive. One workaround is to utilize non-coherent memory transfer; this may slow down performance but will lead to correct execution.

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I compiled from HLS . I tried to set kBufferCoherent to false to to force do software cache coherent, but the result is also incorrect. Then I set kAlwaysCache to false to perform noncacheable memory allocation, the program crashed: TVMError: Check failed: code == RPCCode: :kReturn: code=4

Hi, are you still on going?

I am going same problem.