Compile ONNX Models tutorial fails


I just updated TVM to the last version on Git (I needed a patch added a few days after I installed it), but now I can’t run the “Compile ONNX Models” tutorial.
The error I get is:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 87, in <module>
mod, params = relay.frontend.from_onnx(onnx_model, shape_dict)
  File "/home/curzel/tvm/python/tvm/relay/frontend/", line 1263, in from_onnx
mod, params = g.from_onnx(graph, opset)
  File "/home/curzel/tvm/python/tvm/relay/frontend/", line 1109, in from_onnx
func = _expr.Function(analysis.free_vars(outputs), outputs)
  File "/home/curzel/tvm/python/tvm/relay/", line 113, in free_vars
return _analysis.free_vars(expr)
AttributeError: module 'tvm.relay._analysis' has no attribute 'free_vars'

I specifically need TVM to convert ONNX models, so this is a huge problem for me. Is there anything that can be changed in the tutorial code to make it work? Or do I need to wait for a new patch/open an issue on GitHub/…?