[ERROR] Error while compiling mobilenet_v1_1.0_224.tflite on opencl target


I was trying execute following code:

tflite_model_file = os.path.join("mobilenet_v1_1.0_224.tflite")
tflite_model_buf = open(tflite_model_file, "rb").read()

      import tflite
      tflite_model = tflite.Model.GetRootAsModel(tflite_model_buf, 0)
  except AttributeError:
      import tflite.Model
      tflite_model = tflite.Model.Model.GetRootAsModel(tflite_model_buf, 0)

shape_dict = {'input': (1, 244, 244, 3)}

sym, params = tvm.relay.frontend.from_tflite(tflite_model, shape_dict=shape_dict, dtype_dict={'input': 'float32'})

graph, lib, params = tvm.relay.build(sym, target='opencl', params=params)

and I get following error.

VMError: Check failed: match: iter_var(threadIdx.x, , threadIdx.x) domain already inferred, cannot prove their extents are the same 256 vs 128

How to troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you for help in advance.

Best Regards

Marcin Sielski