How to findout which config is the bottle neck from the best config file



After tuning, i get the best config, one config for one task, could we find out which config is the bottleneck from these best configs? i find something like:
“r”: [[0.0028943769], 0, 2.15975022315979, 1568876324.2999809], “v”: 0.1
in the config, but don’t know the meaning.

How autotvm.record.pick_best work work? If we can find out which config is not good, we can re-tune that task, don’t need tune all tasks.


For the result, I think the most important part to you is the first number “0.0028943769” which is the execution time in seconds. Note that this is an array, and it would have N numbers if you set the repeat number to N.


Thanks very much!~ It works.