How to use 8-kernel CPU to run TVM


My computer has 8 CPU-kernels, when I use CPU to run resnet50 using TVM, I found only one cpu is running, is it possible to use all the 8 cpu-kernels at the same time?

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What machine is it? You may need to specify TVM_NUM_THREADS=8 at runtime.


Note that in the case that your machine has 8 logical cores but only 4 physical cores, we typically set the number of threads to 4.


I use following code to configure TVM_NUM_THREADS:

num_threads = 4
os.environ["TVM_NUM_THREADS"] = str(num_threads)

the result performance doesn’t change at all.

can you help me ?


I am not sure how often TVM resets the number of threads used in the runtime if it is set dynamically in Python. To be sure, can you export TVM_NUM_THREADS=4 before running your script?


I also see this problem. I have tries to export TVM_NUM_THREADS before running my script and it does not work…