Huawei P20 Pro Vulkan output is not proper


If run this android_rpc_test for CPU and OpenCL target on Huawei P20 Pro phone, both CPU and OpenCL target output is proper, but when run for Vulkan target on Huawei P20 Pro phone output is not proper.

Note : First element of array is proper with Vulkan target test and remain element of array output is random .

@merrymercy @eqy

Above problem is noticed only with Huawei P20 Pro phone but not with Nexus 6P phone on Vulkan target. How to resolve this?


We are having some difficulties reproducing this on our end because we haven’t manged to get a working Vulkan setup yet. Currently our driver does not seem to work.

But this seems like it may be a code generation issue?


This sounds very similar to the symptoms in
Are you able to test the Vulkan output on PC hardware? It may be that the generated SPIR-V is still not correct