Installing TVM on linux

Hi, I am trying to install TVM on my system. I have cloned the TVM repository from github, that made a TVM folder on my PC, I have downloaded LLVM version 6, Cmake. I have also created build directory using mkdir build. Now I am not able to build the tvm related libarary using cd build cmake… make -j4. Can somebody please help me in getting started?

![Capture2|690x168] This is my Linux terminal.

After cloning the TVM repo, cd in the repo and create your build directory inside the repo instead of creating it under the home folder.

Hi Joey that worked for me. Now I am getting error that LLVM is not enabled. Also the “set(LLVM_CONFIG llvm-config-4.0)” command is giving error.

Regards Faiz Alam

This is the link to the guide of installation from source:

I think set(LLVM_CONFIG /PATH/TO/YOUR/LLVM6.0/llvm-config) should work since you don’t have llvm-config-4.0 in your environment.