Is switching to C++14 considered?


LLVM has just switched to C++14, and as of today TVM will no longer compile with the latest revision of LLVM. This is only a problem for those who actually use top-of-the-tree LLVM, but this change will eventually propagate into released versions.

Is there a plan for changing the minimum C++ version in TVM to C++14?


me wondering as well


IMO, C++14 has minor improvement compared with C++11 (such as we have std::make_unique, lambda auto capture), we shouldn’t have any code compatibility problem (or ABI issue). I think TVM itself upgrade to C++14 shouldn’t have problem. However, we depend some 3rd party code, for example dmlc-core. We should be careful whether it could accept -std=c++14 / -std=c++1y and have correct macro (such as __cplusplus >= 201103L, not __cplusplus == 201103L)


dmlc-core seems to have an option to use c++14 (USE_CXX14_IF_AVAILABLE). I am not sure if other dependencies have issues with cxx14.