【Kernel C code】kernel c code parameter order is not the same with python script while building kernel


hi, chen

there is one problem while building kernel C code from python script,
the input parameter order is not the same with the original order,

python script:

*build(, [input, output], ***)

kernel c code:

extern “C” global *** void function***(uint8_t* restrict output, uint8_t* restrict input)

so, please help to check the problem.
thank you.


First of all, there is no strict requirement of the kernel code order to obey the order of the input, note that this is the device side of the code and generate host code will still call it in the correct order. This is, however, an useful feature to have


Generally, customs will use the parameters order obey the build order while executing the kernel function, it is
direct and friendly, even though, he can check the kernel parameters order before executing it. So, the kernel order should be the same with build order, it is better.