Namespace Choice for Low-level IR

In the unified IR proposal proposed to evolve the low-level IR. While there are some discussions about the name of the low-level IR, we have yet decided the name. Here is a list of current choices

  • te(tensor expression): the original strawman
  • axon(neuro-related terminology similar to relay): [IR] Unified TVM IR Infra
  • tensir: [IR] Unified TVM IR Infra
  • tir(in similar spirit of MIR as in rust)
  • prim(primitive IR): this is a relevant choice mainly because we renamed the low-level expression as PrimExpr

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Once we decide the name, we will create a subfolder and namespace. The current low-level IR nodes(e.g. ir::SeqStmt) will be moved to the new namespace(e.g. new_namespace:SeqStmt).

Please share your thoughts

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Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. Seems we are converging, will leave the poll open for another day and then proceed with the top choice

We will go with the name tir, thanks everyone!

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