Need a TVM teacher


I’s reading TVM related in the past two months, but the progress is not going well…

I found TVM’s data structure is so many and very complicated, I can’t handle them now, I want to ask someone face to face, god bless me, please give me a TVM teacher:sob:


There is certainly a learning curve to it. I find that going through the tutorials in depth can really help understand how TVM works:

You may also want to familiarize yourself on the TVM paper:

But if you’re struggling with certain concepts, I highly recommend trying to be more specific about what it is you’re having issues with, and pinpointing the misunderstanding with an example. Then the TVM community can come and help explain these concepts.


We may discuss f2f if you are at Hangzhou


Sorry I’m in beijing now


I’m learning TVM tutorials recently, the progress is not going well, I will try to complete all the tutorials.

About paper, i have read it twice, and it only helps me to understand the whole architecture of TVM.

I will follow yr advice to post my question details here in the future.

Thank you very much for yr help~


Yes, I think it’ll help to break the problems down into smaller examples that the community can walk you through. Good luck.