[ONNX] Missing and outdated operators


Hello everyone,

I’m trying to compile the official ONNX SSD model, but I got missing operators: NonMaxSuppression and TopK (even though they exist in Relay).

I tried to add them in tvm/python/tvm/relay/frontend/onnx.py, but now I get an error on the Slice operation, coming from the change in ONNX operators version (current operators vs outdated operators).

I can’t resolve it, and it is probable that other errors will arise due to the version change.
How can I help you? Providing a list of outdated operators? I’m not 100% sure about my fixes for NonMaxSuppression and TopK.



We meet the same situation.
Are you going to add V10 Slice OP? Or try to modify V10 Slice OP to V1?