OpenCL Error, code=-5 on rk3399 android system


I use rk3399 android system.I compiled with standlone toolchain to generate Then I use jni to generate the c++ code corresponding to tvm. I debug the code and found that the previous code works fine.But when it execute this code:
// get the function from the module(run it)
tvm::runtime::PackedFunc run = mod.GetFunction(“run”);
it error with “ailed: e == CL_SUCCESS OpenCL Error, code=-5: CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES”.
Does anyone have the same problem? Thank you.


This likely means that the schedule configuration is invalid for this hardware device. Are you using a pretuned schedule?


I do not use a pretuned schedule. I execute it in Qualcomm, it is ok.


I just conert mxnet model to (*.so *.params *.jason) and I have export TVM_NDK_CC. I do not tuning.


Do you mean you have another environment where there is no error?

Otherwise it could be the case that there is no valid fallback schedule for your model. Try to do a few iterations of tuning to see if this is the case.