Problem running locally


Hi. I have problem running locally. The error looks like this:

mironov@7082036799c3:~/tvm-mironov$ ./tests/scripts/
Check codestyle of c++ code...
python3 3rdparty/dmlc-core/scripts/ vta cpp vta/include vta/src
vta/include/vta/runtime.h:7:  #ifndef header guard has wrong style, please use: VTA_MIRONOV_TVM_VTA_INCLUDE_VTA_RUNTIME_H_  [build/header_guard] [5]
vta/include/vta/runtime.h:274:  #endif line should be "#endif  // VTA_MIRONOV_TVM_VTA_INCLUDE_VTA_RUNTIME_H_"  [build/header_guard] [5]
(and so on, many errors about header guards)

Lint asks me to add VTA_MIRONOV_TVM_VTA_INCLUDE prefix to header guards, that probably should come from project’s folder name (I have cloned tvm to ~/tvm-mironov folder). Does anybody know what should I fix?


Makefile run pylint like this.

python3 3rdparty/dmlc-core/scripts/ topi cpp topi/include

Result is the same, many header guard errors.


Attempting to fix in


The linter will attempt to find a git root and then define header convention there, can you check if you have cloned to a subdir of another git folder?


Yes, I linked tvm as a submodule to other repository. Looks like it is the cause of the problem. Do we have any means to set lint root explicitly?


This logic is part of the cpplint and we need to look into the code to see what is happening