changed input weights value

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I have following testing network for a accuracy issue trouble shooting, some wired things is after do some weights value in param get changed (very small), that just like before the value is 2.1122932 , after value get changed into 2.1122828, if remove nn.batch_norm in my network , or add ‘annotation.stop_fusion’ issue will go away, another related things once change opt_level into a small value like 2, issue go away too, could I know is this a expected behavior? and if yes, what is the purpose to do such small change for the input param when using opt_level == 3?



 simple_net = relay.nn.conv2d(data=data, weight=weight1,
                padding=(1, 1), strides=[1, 1],out_dtype="float32")
simple_net = relay.nn.batch_norm(simple_net, bn_gamma[0], 
                             bn_beta[0], bn_mmean[0], bn_mvar[0])[0]

simple_net = relay.nn.max_pool2d(simple_net, pool_size=[1, 1], strides=[2, 2])

simple_net = relay.Function(relay.analysis.free_vars(simple_net), simple_net)

net, origin_params = testing.create_workload(simple_net)

target = 'llvm'

target_host = 'llvm'

ctx = tvm.cpu(0)

with relay.build_config(opt_level=3, disabled_pass={"AlterOpLayout"}):

    graph, lib, params =, 




#print params and origin_params

(0, 0, 0) origin_params___ [‘weight1’] [2.1122932 5.5735774 2.0870073]

(0, 0, 0) params [‘weight1’] [2.1122828 5.5735493 2.0869968]

Seems like the different is 5 parts per million.

Likely this is caused by FoldScaleAxis, you can add it to disabled_pass to verify it. This pass folds some operations like multiply into conv2d

Hi @vinx13, Thanks for the kindly rely, I just tried disable FoldScaleAxis and the mismatch go away, one question is in my network i do not define any multiply operator, if this pass folds try to fold mul and conv2d, it should failed because there is no multiply?

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batch_norm will be transformed to mul+add

Get it, thanks @vinx13