[Relay] Typing errors in the Relay text format

Hi all,

I am just starting to play around with the Relay text format and encountered the following error when trying to parse the Relay code below.

Relay code:

type MyList {
  MyCons(int32, MyList),


TVMError: Incorrect kind for a ADT constructor input. Type GlobalTypeVarNode(MyList, 5) inside TypeDataNode(GlobalTypeVarNode(MyList, 5), [], [ConstructorNode(MyCons, [TensorType([], int32), GlobalTypeVarNode(MyList, 5)], GlobalTypeVarNode(MyList, 5)), ConstructorNode(MyNil, [], GlobalTypeVarNode(MyList, 5))]) is of kind 5 but was expected to be 0

Am I missing something here? Also, is there any formal specification/documentation for the Relay type system that explains type kinds?