Request for invite to the slack channel

I would like to be added to the slack channel. My email is

Hi Jessica,

I’m wondering if you already joined the slack channel? If so, could you send an invite to me as well?


Hi Shang, unfortunately no one has replied to my request yet, so I haven’t been able to join the slack channel.

sorry for the delayed action both invitation sent

Thanks! I’ve now joined.

I would appreciate an inivitation as well for (t-vi on github).
Thank you.


I would like to be in the Slack group as well if possible.
My email address is (comaniac on GitHub).


hi @comaniac I’ve sent you an invitation.

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It would be great to add me as well ( Thanks

@ibeltagy I’ve sent you an invite.

@masahi Can you send me an invite also if possible ?


@umangyadav Invite sent.

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please send me the invite as well -


@sruthikesh-MU Invite sent.

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Thank you @masahi

please send me the invite as well -


as of now, anyone can directly join the slack channel. We do encourage everyone to treat slack as a non-archival place for quick sync. Most of the discussions should still happen in the discuss forum to allow others to participate and search


FYI is the link for anyone who want to sign up to the slack channel