[Resolved] Kernel version mismatch


I currently have TVM built with AOCL, LLVM, and OpenCL enabled and have succesfully run the AOCL backend example targeting the FPGA emulator. AOCL backend tutorial

Here are my includes for building with AOCL 17.1

and here are all my configurations

However, when targeting the physical board, in my instance the nalla_pcie, I receive a kernel version mismatch error

It appears that somewhere along the lines, something is using AOCL 17.0 instead of 17.1, any ideas on a configuration I missed or a path I forgot to set or perhaps I built something incorrectly? All suggestions are appreciated.


What’s the output of the “aocl diagnose” command?


Sorry about the long delay, unexpected circumstances… But I receive the following output from aocl diagnose:

Perhaps I’m targeting the board improperly? I’m using the line
tgt=“aocl -device=p385a_sch_ax115”


Can you share the output of aoc -list-boards? Please make sure that the device parameter is in it and the board package path is correct.

Another thing we should check is that your ICD and FCD files are correct. Can you also check below?

cat /etc/OpenCL/vendors/Altera.icd
cat /opt/Intel/OpenCL/Boards/[your_board_name].fcd


I think you may have solved it for me! When using the two cat commands you provided I got the following output which shows that my FCD file is referencing Altera 17.0 instead of 17.1 which I think is why its saying the host program expects nalla_pcie.17.0. I only have read-only access to the FCD file so I will have to wait for it to be changed for me but I have a good feeling that’s the cause

To answer the rest of your post though (in case that wasn’t the error)

Here are the boards listed with aoc -list-boards:

I believe the board package path is correct and it is listing my devices since when I diagnose the specific devices I get this (only relevant part shown)


Changed to resolved! Thank you so much for the help man!