[RFC] Minor (bugfix) Release for v0.6

This is a proposal to do a minor (bugfix) release of v0.6, aka v0.6.1. Commits will be cherry-picked to v0.6.1 branch. We follow the standard Apache release process

I will go through the commits history to get a list of bug fixing for review. People are also welcomed to propose anything you want to be included in the release.


Thanks Yizhi, i think it is a great idea. We have already backported a few patches

Shall we also backport the fixes in the latest dmlc-core to help reduce stack usage?

We could, but given that it is not strictly a bug, we can also choose not to

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As more a policy kind of comment, for a fix release and the potential for more, as a community, “we” might want to set some expectations for how long something might be maintained / update frequency etc kind of akin to the linux kernel community. (ex: https://www.kernel.org/category/releases.html)