[SOLVED] Did VTA Simulator Simulate “Task Level Pipeline Parallelism”?


Hi There,

I am learning VTA code and try to understand the “TLPP” logic, somehow I do not saw any RAW and WAR logic in “vta simulator” implement, could you kindly clarify is that true “VTA Simulator” actually not do the simulation for TLPP in sim?



@hijang, to understand how the TLPP logic works you may want to take a look at this VTA function we use for sw emulation purposes in HLS: https://github.com/dmlc/tvm/blob/master/vta/hardware/xilinx/src/vta.cc#L570-L745 (we use this function to test the HLS modules together).


@thierry, get it, i do saw the TLPP logic in vta.cc, thanks for explain.