Strided_slice error in IdentityRealize during quantization

When running Tiny BERT (from here: in TVM following this tutorial ( I get an error on the quantization step (relay.quantize.quantize). Specifically, I get the following error:

File "/usr/tvm/src/relay/quantize/", line 422 TVMError: Check failed: new_args.size() == 1 (4 vs. 1) :

I debugged and found that this error occurs for the strided_slice operation in the IdentityRealize function, and that the new_args[1], new_args[2], new_args[3] all contain meta relay constants. I am thus confused as to why the number of arguments should only be 1 (as is checked here: while strided_slice seems to take in more than one argument. Any help or insight is appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile: