Tvm Rpc apk build error

before copying file it was working i built a apk and run it but phone couldn’t connect to pc via rpc. Because of that copied file and the content is also here.

APP_ABI = arm64-v8a

APP_PLATFORM = android-24

whether enable OpenCL during compile


whether to enable Vulkan during compile


whether to enable contrib sort functions during compile


ifeq ($(USE_VULKAN), 1)

Statically linking vulkan requires API Level 24 or higher

APP_PLATFORM = android-24 endif

the additional include headers you want to add, e.g., SDK_PATH/adrenosdk/Development/Inc

ADD_C_INCLUDES += /home/hakanhodas/development/OpenCL-Headers-master/

the additional link libs you want to add, e.g., ANDROID_LIB_PATH/

ADD_LDLIBS = /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

After i create this file i can’t build it get this error.

Note: i downloaded file from ubuntu repositories.

You’re compiling code for Android on ARM/AArch64, but this file is built for x86-64.

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