Unable to compile the tflite model with relay after pulling the latest code from remote


I git pull the code and restored my changes in the code. Now compiling the python code I get.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “tune_relay_arm.py”, line 417, in
File “tune_relay_arm.py”, line 355, in tune_and_evaluate
graph, lib, params = relay.build_module.build(net, target=target, params=params)
File “/home/yovan/tvm_all/tvm/python/tvm/relay/build_module.py”, line 262, in build
func = optimize(func, target, params)
File “/home/yovan/tvm_all/tvm/python/tvm/relay/build_module.py”, line 158, in optimize
func = _bind_params_by_name(func, params)
File “/home/yovan/tvm_all/tvm/python/tvm/relay/build_module.py”, line 128, in _bind_params_by_name
bind_dict[arg] = expr.const(v)
File “/home/yovan/tvm_all/tvm/python/tvm/relay/expr.py”, line 538, in const
return Constant(value)
File “/home/yovan/tvm_all/tvm/python/tvm/relay/expr.py”, line 124, in init
self.init_handle_by_constructor(_make.Constant, data)
File “tvm/_ffi/_cython/./node.pxi”, line 88, in tvm._ffi._cy2.core.NodeBase.init_handle_by_constructor
File “tvm/_ffi/_cython/./function.pxi”, line 243, in tvm._ffi._cy2.core.ConstructorCall
File “tvm/_ffi/_cython/./function.pxi”, line 221, in tvm._ffi._cy2.core.FuncCall
File “tvm/_ffi/_cython/./function.pxi”, line 209, in tvm._ffi._cy2.core.FuncCall3
File “tvm/_ffi/_cython/./function.pxi”, line 154, in tvm._ffi._cy2.core.make_arg
TypeError: Don’t know how to handle type <class ‘tvm.ndarray.NDArray’>
any views on that?

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