[VTA] deploy_vision_on_vta.py segmentation fault

Hello everyone,

I’ve updated tvm from version around August 2019 in order to deploy more models on VTA.

ResNet18 and ResNet34 works fine, however ResNet50 and ResNet101 shows segmatation fault on both simulation and device.

Have anyone gone through this problem?

Thanks, Jake

Why not checkout the latest version, as the segmentation fault might has been fixed.

I’ve checked the latest version but still doesn’t work.

Thanks for replying!

I encountered the same problem. This is due to stack overflow. You can increase your stack limit by ulimit -s (e.g., ulimit -s 81960), which can let you run resnet50_v2 and resnet101_v2 successfully.


Wow thanks! You saved my day.

Thank you.