Where is tvm 0.6.x document

The tvm 0.6.1 has been released, but I couldn’t find the document about 0.6 or 0.6.1, the https://tvm.apache.org/docs just about 0.7.dev1 Is there no documentation for the official version 0.6 or 0.6.1?

I remember seeing a version of the 0.6 documentation but it was on a now closed repo. In addition I found it was very lacking and I think this is the reason there is no doc for this version of tvm.

Besides there are way more features and explanations for 0.7.dev1 so if you are not afraid of facing a few bugs, I recommend switching to this version.

Thanks for your reply, our team have developed a stack based on tvm 0.6 release, so I need to get 0.6 documentation for learning.