Whether TVM will support dynamic shapes in the future

I would like to know whether dynamic shapes are already supported in a planned way. I am not familiar with other deep learning frameworks, but without dynamic shapes, many OP of TF cannot be added, which leads to TVM’s narrow choice of models and lack of generality.
I seem to see some dynamic information in the recent PR, so if there is a plan, could anybodyplease tell me the approximate time?Thanks a lot for this.

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Can anyone answer that? Thanks very much.

I think @yongwww mentioned in a previous posts that some people is working on this?. Maybe he can tell how far is this support.

In addition, there are multiple posts in this topic. I also hope to that TVM supports this in the near future

I believe @kevinthesun and @haichen are working on that.

We will have a RFC regarding dynamic shape support soon. To achieve descent performance, there is still lots of work remaining. A rough timeline for performant dynamic shape model can be late this year or early next year.

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Thank you very much for your efforts in this regard.and im looking forward to it. Thanks again!

@kevinthesun is there any update on this work?

An RFC for the runtime dispatching has been filed here.