Whether TVM will support dynamic shapes in the future


I would like to know whether dynamic shapes are already supported in a planned way. I am not familiar with other deep learning frameworks, but without dynamic shapes, many OP of TF cannot be added, which leads to TVM’s narrow choice of models and lack of generality.
I seem to see some dynamic information in the recent PR, so if there is a plan, could anybodyplease tell me the approximate time?Thanks a lot for this.


Can anyone answer that? Thanks very much.


I think @yongwww mentioned in a previous posts that some people is working on this?. Maybe he can tell how far is this support.

In addition, there are multiple posts in this topic. I also hope to that TVM supports this in the near future


I believe @kevinthesun and @haichen are working on that.


We will have a RFC regarding dynamic shape support soon. To achieve descent performance, there is still lots of work remaining. A rough timeline for performant dynamic shape model can be late this year or early next year.


Thank you very much for your efforts in this regard.and im looking forward to it. Thanks again!