Why Tvm_tracker_host is equals to

In here https://tvm.apache.org/docs/tutorials/frontend/deploy_model_on_android.html before trying the test script we set environment variables which are


export TVM_TRACKER_PORT=9190

In android_rpc_test.py connection part is

tracker_host = os.environ["TVM_TRACKER_HOST"]

tracker_port = int(os.environ["TVM_TRACKER_PORT"])

tracker = rpc.connect_tracker(tracker_host, tracker_port)

Isn’t it wrong? I mean tracker_host should be ip address of remote device, for instance android device.

this is because, firstly you will be setting the tracker to your IP address and ports on board. Then the board starts to look into those IP, and if any data flow in those IP then both the target and target_host will communicate via bridge connection. Finally you set server to, so that will not disturb the bridge connection. this is what i have understood.

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