[Cross compilation] Ubuntu for tvm generation and windows for executing in tvm runtime


is it possible to compile an onnx model using nnvm/tvm stack in Ubuntu and deploy the same tvm module execution in Windows environment via RPC ?,
please explain in brief



I would recommend directly build tvm in windows. You will need to build LLVM using MSVC from source and use CMake to build tvm with llvm enabled under windows.

The cross-compilation you asked for is not supported currently, but maybe possible with some effort. Specifically, we will need to call MSVC’s linker correctly to create a dll file. What will happen is that you cross-compile things in ubuntu, store things as .o file. Just in the same way we enable execution on raspberry pi. Assuming on that the windows compiler can recognize .o file written in ubuntu


Thankyou .I did try installing in windows but nnvm failed to compile .I will post it as a separate thread .