Easier relay function writing


Currently Relay’s standard library is written in IR form(prelude.py), and gets added to a Module by the Prelude constructor. Adding a function or type is challenging even for people with functional programming background. Should we put some effort to integrate the ANTLR parser we have into the workflow? @jroesch @MarisaKirisame @joshpoll @zhiics @haichen @tqchen


Yes I think this is reasonable. We are now post paper deadline so I will complete smart inlining this week then focus my efforts on finalizing the grammar (with RFC) and improving annotation support. Of course others are always welcome to contribute as well since there are several rules still left to complete.


Thanks @joshpoll . Looking forward to the grammar & annotation. I’ll try to write functions and adts in prelude.py in source syntax, and try the parser.