How to change GLog level?


When autotuning, I get a lot of output like

[08:16:50] /workspace/.../ Remove /tmp/tmp67ityubf/tmp_func_95b3a51da735daa8.tar
[08:16:50] /workspace/.../ Remove /tmp/tmp67ityubf/
[08:16:50] /workspace/.../ Remove /tmp/tmpstbjfqmb/

which doesn’t seem particularly useful. (Is it supposed to be printed by default? Sample output at doesn’t include it.)

Based on, I tried to call

GLOG_minloglevel=1 python3

but it didn’t work.


We should delete this message.

Can you send a patch?


There should be a way to set GLOG level.


Sure. Should it be removed completely, or use VLOG? And should the same be done with neighboring

 LOG(INFO) << "Download " << file_name << "... nbytes=" << arr.size;



@merrymercy I left the debug message in for symmetry purposes with the old download message :). I guess it is OK to remove both if we believe RPC is stable enough. There may still be some lingering issues though. For example I think the second temp directory deleted may be extraneous (I do not know why it does not match the parent directory of the files that are deleted).


@eqy Actually, there are undeleted temporary directories (I just checked). Though they are empty (at least in my case).