Mali GPU conv2d Winograd and Spatial pack

Hi, Im tuning my net for rk3399 Mali GPU and I don’t see winograd and contrib_spatial_pack replacement in tuning tutorial for conv2d and depthwise_conv2d_nchw workload.

But I see that there are “optimal” schedules for such workloads here:

My question is: how to use winograd and spatial_pack convs for tuning on mobile gpu?

Also, what is the best runtime for Mali GPU? Im using OpenCL, is it worth it to try Vulkan?

Currently there are bugs in AutoTVM that affect both conv2d_nchw_winograd.mali and conv2d_nchw_spatial_pack.mali operators. AutoTVM should work on conv2d_nchw_spatial_pack.mali after #6048 is merged.

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AutoTVM on conv2d_nchw_winograd.mali will be fixed after #6130 is merged.