Matmul op for relay


Feel free to close the topic. Just wanna know the reason why we don’t implement matmul op for relay, I know we can use dense instead, is there any other reason?


What’s the diff between the two? bias?


yup, bias. Y = XW^T + b


I guess that you don’t have to provide the bias term, so that dense degenerates to matmul.


yeah, dense will do the same thing as matmul without specifying bias. I like the name tvm.relay.matmul more than tvm.relay.nn.dense for matrix mulitiplication. Anyway, dense is good.


Sure. That sounds reasonable.


I guess I misread relay for topi…anyway…


We could expose matmul as a synonym. I think this might actually be a good idea, the overloaded use of dense has confused many users (including me when I started working on TVM).


thanks, I agree. Confused me, too


I will send out a pr to expose matmul then