[NOTE] Segfault when importing TVM

Hi, I resolved this issue already, but I’m leaving this note for people who may have the same trouble.

After installing the new copy of TVM on my new machine, I had weird segfault on “import TVM”. When looking into details with gdb, it complained corrupted shared library list.

Long story short, I could fix this issue by switching to older version of LLVM (ver 10.0 --> 9.0). I’m not sure about the detailed source of this issue, but for me, this causes the problem. So, if you are having the similar issue, this may worth a shot. Hope this can save your time.

FYI, I also tried different version of xgboost, but it wasn’t the problem. LLVM 10.0 doesn’t work with xgboost v1.1 and xgb v.1.0.2 while LLVM 9.0 works with both versions.

Thank you for the note!

Previously I encountered a case that libLLVM which ships with libedit conflicted when different versions of readline presents, and this is my solution: Python debugger segfaults with tvm.

I am not sure if your problem is related with this one. Could you dig a little bit? Much appreciated!