[Quantization] Which operators are quantized in TVM?



I am wondering what is the list of operators that are quantized in TVM?. In first place, I am aware of Conv2D but other than that?

@vinx13 maybe you could clarify me this?



u can find some operators pre-defined in this link:


Thanks, but actually my question is regarding the operators that are quantized in relay and not the general list of supported operators in NNVM. I am aware of the supported operators in Relay and NNVM, and in each frontend but is not clear which ones are quantized and under which conditions are quantized.

My understanding is that quantization takes place around the convolution operators and together with that the neighboring operators. However, I want to clarify and confirm this.


see https://github.com/dmlc/tvm/blob/master/python/tvm/relay/quantize/_annotate.py