Running VTA on AWS F1 Instance


The tutorial only gives an example of using PYNQ framework to run the FPGA design on actual board. Is there a way to run VTA on the AWS F1 instance?


We should be releasing a new version of VTA, which I’ve been calling VTA 2.0 soon that has wider support for a large number of FPGAs.

Luis and @thierry have been working on. We are also working on a bunch of new docs and tutorial materials we plan to release over the next few months.


I’m interested in broadening the support hardware with VTA.
Is the VTA 2.0 working branch under development here?
Also, is there a plan to support training phase using FPGA in VTA 2.0?


A few of the core people working on VTA are submitting a paper this week, but I am hoping we will open an RFC and corresponding PRs in the next few weeks.

VTA 2.0 is a brand new version of VTA being re-written from scratch in Chisel, and better integrates with TVM for push-button cycle accurate functional simulation, and support for deploying to a variety of FPGAs via “shells” a concept used by other Chisel projects.

Hopefully @vegaluis and @thierry can follow-up.