Simplified NNVM example


Hi! I’ve reworked an NNVM example located at /nnvm/examples/sgx while studying the NNVM functionality. New version of example is less complex (doesn’t require SGX which I have no access to), and may be launched on x86 machines as-is. It works now (prints ‘Its a tabby’). The code is located here.

In the process, I faced some duplicate symbol issues while linking graph_runtime. In order to link successfully, I moved graph runtime registration macros to separate file, as may be seen here
I’m not really sure if it is correct or not.

Would the community be interested in such a work being merged? If so, may I ask someone to review the code or direct me through the process of sending a pull request?



Just understand that tvm/nnvm/examples should have been moved to tvm/apps.