[solved]Relay can't build keras model


when i run this tutorial that compile keras model using “relay.frontend.from_keras”, there are assert issue like below picture

i use keras version 2.2.4-tf and tensorflow-gpu 1.14.0, does any solution to solve this problem??

Hi @alpha930

I run the tutorial and it works well. Do you use the same model from the tutorial?

weights_url = ''.join(['https://github.com/fchollet/deep-learning-models/releases/',
weights_file = 'resnet50_weights.h5'
weights_path = download_testdata(weights_url, weights_file, module='keras')
keras_resnet50 = keras.applications.resnet50.ResNet50(include_top=True, weights=None,
                                                      input_shape=(224, 224, 3), classes=1000)
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hello and Thank you for your answer first. i solve this problem.

The problem was caused by modifying the “Relay/frontend/keras.py” for testing. i forget to restore the file. Thank you for your answer once more.