TVM tuning interruption errors

Hi TVM community,

I am trying to use TVM auto-tuning to tune a model in Mali-GPU. I am following this tutorial to do so:

I set it up RPC tracker and used a desktop server a host. However, the tuning always interupted for some reason. My host server gave me an error when the tuning was interrupted: Error in RPC Tracker: Connection reset by peer. My host server is wired connected with Internet, and my mali-board is also wired connected with internet. Has anyone experienced this before?

I attached two screenshots below: 1) the error on my host server, 2) the tuning process interruption.


I have solved this problem. The issue was due to the timeout parameter was not passed into check_remote function in here:

I think it is very important for big networks running on Mali.

    def set_task(self, task):
        self.task = task

        if check_remote(, self.key,, self.port, timeout=self.timeout):
  "Get devices for measurement successfully!")

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@Xin, thanks for catching. A fix PR would be definitely helpful!

Sounds good. Will do it then.