VTA build failure

if we turn on USE_VTA_FSIM and USE_VTA_TSIM,

/home/ubuntu/tvm/vta/include/vta/hw_spec.h:57:28: error: ‘VTA_LOG_BLOCK_IN’ was not declared in this scope

@thierry is it a bug? I search the code base not see any definition, so as others like VTA_LOG_BLOCK_OUT, VTA_LOG_WGT_WIDTH etc.

These are generated by this file: https://github.com/apache/incubator-tvm/blob/master/vta/config/vta_config.py#L133

If you dive through the layers, you’ll see that they’re generated from the config.json file corresponding to your target.

Hope this helps

Got it, thanks @thierry for pointing

I guess I know the problem. in following files VTA uses python, if host only has python3 it will fail silently.

I think one solution is to use what VTA.cmake detected.

Ack, very good catch. I’ll issue a patch then since this can end up being very annoying in the long run.

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When I built TVM with python 3.5, I got the exact VTA error as @yzhliu had. But, when I built TVM with python 2.7, I was able to build it successfully. It is strange though I do not know the reason.

Thanks @Terex12, I’ll try reproducing this bug with pyenv on my machine.

I got the same error when i built TVM with python3.5.2 on Ubuntu16.04. :thinking: