[web] Cannot find libtvm_web_runtime.js.mem



After compiled the web runtime (make web), I can find the files libtvm_web_runtime.{bc,js,wasm} in tvm/build.
When I run python -m tvm.exec.rpc_proxy --example-rpc=1, I have a runtime error Cannot find tvm/build/libtvm_web_runtime.js.mem
At which point should this file has been generated?
How can I generate it?

Thank you in advance for your help.


I’m also having some issues with the rpc_proxy. I’m trying to get it to attach to an RPC tracker so I can try out a few workloads but am not able to get it to attach. I’m launching it using

python -m tvm.exec.rpc_proxy --tracker

Everything seems to start but the tracker doesnt report any new devices available.

Just running the server without a tracker would be an option, but it seems to just hang whenever I send it a workload. Specifically, I get to rpc_connect and get stuck. The rpc server reports

INFO:root:Handler ready TCPSocketProxy:

but never proceeds. Does anyone have any tips on getting this to work?


Doing a little more digging it seems like a lot of the OpenGL backend has become nonfunctional since its original implementation. I actually consider this one of the more important backends to support as it allows a way to run on the GPU of any browser capable device (nearly all of them). It may be worth revisiting this codebase and getting it working again.