TVM Community Meetups


As our community continuously grows, we are currently having contributors from various institutions including both industry and academia. We usually use the discussion forum here to post RFCs and exchange ideas which has been quite efficient. However, it might be helpful to further broaden the community through regular meetups as people who are interested in TVM could participate and talk in person. We want to propose regular community meetups in the Bay Area. Here are some initial proposals, but you are very welcome to comment or post any other alternatives.

How: we propose to organize the meetup by volunteers in the community and coordinate through the discuss forum. The signup could be done through Any one in the community is welcomed to volunteer to host the meeting.

when and where: the time and location could be proposed by the volunteers, but we would like to suggest it is held quarterly.

All these activities will be acted under the ASF guidance. We will archive the meetups and post the summary so that they are also accessible to other people who cannot attend in person.

Any ideas or comments are highly appreciated:)

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We(Amazon SageMaker NEO team) would love to volunteer to be the first potential host of the fist meetup.


I love this idea. How long will it take and shall we ask people to volunteer some topics?


Yeah, We can probably coordinate the logistics later. We can learn some experience from other communities, like XGBoost and ONNX, etc.


Great idea. We (OctoML) would love to host the second one.


+1. Would be great to understand ASF practice and discuss the first one!


A great step to extend tvm community!


Great idea! We should organize some around the Seattle area as well :blush:


Nice idea. Awfully far to get to the Bay Area for a social :wink: so any folks in the UK / Ireland interested ?



Any folks in China interested?


Or Munich? :slight_smile:


definitely +1 on a Seattle based meetup next (AWS, OctoML, Microsoft etc.) :blush:


Great idea! Achronix Semiconductor might be interested in hosting a meetup as well. How soon can we start!


Thanks everyone for great discussions. Given that there are many interests in different locations. I would suggest we draft a guideline for meetups and allow each place to organize the meetup organically.

The only requirement for being Apache is that we want to keep everyone in the community in the loop, so we would post the announcements, as well as brief summaries of the event to the public channel.

As a side note, We just posted a preliminary program and opened registrations for TVM conference 2019 it would be a great topic to discuss there


Yup - would definitely be interested :slight_smile: